Little Belle Nightlights are a small family business who create beautiful hand-crafted nightlights to help children sleep.

They are beautifully made sleep companions for children of all ages, they provide a warm gentle glow to comfort and reassure children to sleep or if they wake in the night. Their contemporary yet timeless design makes them an ideal addition to any bedroom or nursery.

Little Belle Night Light

  • Features:

    • Power Source: Plug in/Mains with a low voltage 12v adapter for safety.
    • Conveniently located inline hand switch to turn on/off.
    • Dimensions: Height: 19cm. Width: 15cm.
    • LED bulb – extremely low power consumption using only 0.6 watts and never get hot or need replacing.
    • Warm gentle light, perfect for a middle of the night nappy change or reassuring glow for little ones if they wake in the night.
    • Break proof packaging
    • Safety tested to conform to Australian/New Zealand, UK, EU safety standards.
    • Made from porcelain, not plastic!  

Address: 88 O'Shanassy Street,

Sunbury, 3429

Phone: 0491 173 570


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