Grumpy Gary's Hot Sauces make premium award winning, handcrafted hot sauces and are a 100% Australian, family owned business. Sauces are vegan, made with natural ingredients and no thickeners


Garlic Hot Sauce - If you love garlic with a medium hit of chilli, then this is the hot sauce you need. Perfect for all of your savory food, this sauce combines the popular red chilli flavor with the highly craved taste of garlic 8/10 burn


Mango Hot Sauce - Sweet and saucy, this hot sauce takes your mouth on a tropical vacation reminiscent of the sultry and steamy islands. The sweetness of the mango compliments everything from chicken to seafood. 6/10 burn


Garlicky BBQ Sauce - Use the Garlicky BBQ as a marinade, glaze or dipping sauce. This is no ordinary BBQ sauce! This gorgeous sauce is made with a base of tamarind and dates to give it a truly extraordinary taste.


Grumpy Gary's Hot Sauce

  • Ingredients:

    Garlic Hot Sauce: Vinegar, red chilli (22%), water, sugar, garlic (4%), salt, spices

    Mango Hot Sauce: Mango puree (59%), vinegar, red chilli (11%), water, sugar, salt, spices

    Garlicky BBQ Sauce: Tamarind, sugar, dates, water, salt, garlic (2.5%), liquid smoke, vinegar, mustard, canola oil, spices, citric acid


Address: 88 O'Shanassy Street,

Sunbury, 3429

Phone: 0491 173 570


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